The Bands

Nor'west Brass (Main Band)

This is the flagship band of Nor'west Brass and consists of our most advanced players. Nor'west Brass is currently registered as a C grade Band in the Brass Band Association of New Zealand (BBANZ). Nor'west Brass is led by Musical Director Nic Scott.

Nor'west Zephyrs (Intermediate)

Nor'west Zephyrs is the top of our development groups and has become an established D grade contesting Band. This provides an environment to enjoy a full range of brass band experiences as our players continue learning under the careful guidance of Musical Director Joel Williams who has a wealth of knowledge to share and is a member of the NZ Army Band.

Nor'west Cyclones (Learners)

The Nor'west Cyclones is the first of our brass band environments and caters for players who have been learning for just a year or two.  Led by Musical Director Alannah Hounsome-Vail, Nor'west Cyclones provides a great learning platform for players to enhance their ensemble and performance skills as they build towards the top of our development groups, Nor'west Zephyrs.

Nor'west Bright & Breezy Beginner Brass (4Bs)

Brass newbies who can play just six notes can join the Nor'west 4Bs, our beginner group! Building on the great work you are doing with your instrument tutor, these group extension classes are a fun and supportive way to learn the key fundamentals of ensemble playing whilst you build your confidence to become ready to join the first of our brass bands, "The Cyclones." The 4Bs are led by Bill Vail, an established brass player with a passion for helping others find a lifetime of enjoyment and friendships through music.