About Us

About the band

The band was born from the realisation that there was very little to encourage the young into playing brass instruments within northwest Christchurch (Burnside High only had 3 brass players joining their school in 2014 when initial discussions were taking place). With no brass bands in the area, and transport to Woolston / New Brighton difficult, we were able to create an opportunity for a number of young players to experience playing in a brass band in just our first year. Now, at the end of our second year, we have 28 playing members and are becoming recognised within the area.

We are working with local tutors and schools to encourage more young people to take up brass instruments and to provide a group outlet for them to develop within. We also encourage older players to learn and have a number of adult learners actively involved. In order to achieve these aims, we have a strong focus as a community project. We believe that by working with the local community we can supply benefits to a far wider set of people than just the members of the band.

For the players

  • We recruit new players to learn and enjoy brass instruments which provides a lifelong interest and friends. Players who reach a competent level by the time they reach high school will be better placed to make the most of the musical opportunities available.

For the schools

  • There is a shortage of capable brass players entering the high schools in the area. By targeting new players from about year 3 upwards, our aim is to increase the quantity and quality of brass players entering all the high schools in our area. This will also provide a direct benefit to the primary and intermediate schools.

For local music tutors

  • We focus on working with local tutors to supply the individual or small group lessons. As we grow, we will work with these tutors to help recruit new students and to provide a group environment to encourage and extend their pupils.

For other musical organisations in Christchurch

  • We aim to support other musical organisations in the Christchurch area by increasing the number and quality of brass players available. We seek to perform with other groups to form links and introduce our players to the opportunities available.

For the wider community

  • Our brass band provides cost effective music for community events. We have played at many community events already and have this as a strong focus.
  • We encourage our young people to be part of their community and to contribute to it.