Nor'west Brass

Nor'west Brass is a community brass band covering northwest Christchurch, with a strong focus on developing young players. The band was formed in 2014 and our new players are progressing rapidly through the ranks. All three groups are participating in local competitions and sharing their music with the local community.

Our goals are to provide an environment to encourage excellence in brass playing and to become an integral part of community life. We encompass education for a full age range including young children, entire families, and some of the more mature members of our community. We work closely with schools, teachers and other musical groups in our area and provide a strong focus on tuition and training, as well as helping our players gain a lifelong interest and friendships. We help generate a feeling of being part of the community and provide music and educational services for events around the region. We have been involved in 18 such events in 2015 and have a stated goal to build to 20 play-outs per year on top of other events such as contesting and demonstrations.

We have a wealth of expert knowledge behind the band including national champions, national bandsmen and players who have been involved in some of the top bands in NZ and the UK. With 19 new players in 2015 and a goal to recruit 20 new beginners for 2016, the band is building strength rapidly.