Current Personnel

These are the current players for our main band. We have a few spots that need filling and are keen to hear form anyone who may be able to help us there.

We also have the Mistrals, Zephyrs and Cyclones (training bands), and for the absolute beginners we have the 4Bs. We are always happy to hear from potential new players and will help coordinate instruments and tutors as well as providing a fun and rewarding group environment.

  • Conductor

Matt Toomata

  • Soprano

Sylvia Vail

  • Solo Cornet

Alannah Vail

Thomas McCabe

David Towse

Harry Reece

Peter Croker

  • Repiano Cornet

Monika Duncan

  • 2nd Cornet

Katia Ashmore

Mark Paget

  • 3rd Cornet

Huey Duncan

Helen Bowie

  • Flugelhorn

Mia Yee

  • Solo Horn

Daniel Redmond

  • 1st Horn

Caleb Meyer

  • 2nd Horn

Fran Paget


  • 1st Baritone

Paige Newport

  • 2nd Baritone

Shannon Everts

  • Solo Euph

Maxine Sherriff

  • 2nd Euph

Nanami Shibata

John Smith

  • Solo Trom

Cosette Havelaar

  • 2nd Trom

Kirsty Croker

  • Bass Trom

Stephen Croker

  • Eb Bass

Cameron Hudson

Daniel Ross

  • Bb Bass

Adrian Dalton

Felix Glass

  • Perc

Andrew Couper